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View our videos and learn more about the Hayward Promise Neighborhood

Check out this video as students share how Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs have positively impacted their lives.

  • It was such a great experience working with Hayward Promise Neighborhood and the youth in Hayward. It has really allowed me to get to know the community better. I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

    -Tawny Narvaja
    (Cal State East Bay Service Learning Tutor for HPN)
  • I would really recommend this program to any other student who might not feel ready for a big university, but still needs those first steps toward what college will be like.

    -Esteban Soto
    Tennyson High student
    (Pipeline 2 College program – High School)
  • Hayward Promise Neighborhood helped me to understand more about the issues in our community and try to come up with a solution to fix it.

    -Haylin Mujica
    Winton Middle School student
    (Hijos Del Sol program)
  • It’s a program that helps me to stay in class more and actually go to school and get better grades.

    -Alexander Barajas
    Tennyson High student
    (Drop Out Prevention program)
  • I have learned so much from completing Hayward Promise Neighborhood’s Parent Promise Academy. I have a 4 ½ year old son so I’m still learning as a parent. Because I’m an older first-time mom, I’m often overly-protective with my son but Parent Promise Academy really helped me to understand how to let go a little more, help him to be independent and develop high self-esteem.

    -Maria Escandon
    Mother of 1 son
    (Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs: Parent Promise Academy & Project 2 Inspire)
  • In Project 2 Inspire I learned a lot about the education system and my rights as a parent. I also learned about the various testing requirements needed to graduate from high school. Loving Solutions was right on time because recently my daughter has started to act out a little bit since she has been in school. Loving Solutions taught me about different discipline techniques like timeout’s.

    -Elia Muniz
    Mother of 2 children
    (Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs: Loving Solutions & Project 2 Inspire)
  • Without the support of Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs, I would not have a voice. I was struggling with how to support my son through the disciplinary issues he faced at school because I didn't know how to navigate the school system. Now, I'm informed and empowered on how to advocate for my son..

    -Sonnye Brotherton
    Mother of 1 son
    (Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs: Parent Promise Academy & Project 2 Inspire)
  • We’re learning, but it’s a lot of fun!

    -Aquell Burrell, 5th grade
    Harder Elementary School 6th grader
    (Hayward Promise Neighborhood program: Great Responsibility Inspiring Possibilities - G.R.I.P.)
  • Thank you hayward promise neighborhood for the food bags! I live in courtyard apartments, where we had a fire on Monday morning. Greatly appreciated.

    -Rosa Ruiz-Segura

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Hayward Promise Neighborhood.

Led by California State University East Bay and funded by a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education, the Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) is a partnership of residents, local schools, colleges, government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations. These partners are all working together to provide long-lasting strategies and solutions for the entire HPN neighborhood (Jackson Triangle), which is bounded by Jackson Street, Harder Road, and Whitman Street in South Hayward for students that attend six schools within the Hayward Unified School District.

Together, we promise all HPN children the high-quality support they need to thrive, from cradle to college to career…and beyond!

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