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About Hayward Promise Neighborhood

Inspired by the success of the Harlem Children’s Zone, President Obama started the federal Promise Neighborhood initiative in 2010 as a priority initiative for education reform and neighborhood renewal.

In 2010, Hayward became one of the first five cities in the nation to receive the five-year, $25 million Promise Neighborhood grant from the US Department of Education.  Led by California State University, East Bay, Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) is a partnership of local educators, government agencies, businesses, and nonprofits collaborating to fully support residents within the Jackson Triangle community of Hayward and students that attend six schools within the Hayward Unified School District, to provide comprehensive, high-quality educational and social support to ensure the long-term health, safety and economic well-being of the entire community.

Jackson Triangle Streets

  Alves Street
  Ambrose Court
  Arbor Crest Circle
  Austin Avenue
  Avocado Court
  Berry Avenue
  Brooks Way
  Catherine Place
  Castlemont Drive
  Charles Avenue
  Cody Road
  Compton Court
  Cypress Avenue
  Culp Avenue
  Custer Road
  Dale Street
  Diadon Drive
  Donald Avenue
  Edmund Place
  Evelyn Lane
  Fagundes Street
  Franklin Avenue
  Frederic Avenue
  Glade Street
  Hermes Court
  Huntwood Avenue
  Jackson Street
  Joyce Street
  Joanne Street
  Lander Avenue
  Leighton Street
  Lewis Drive
  Lucien Way
  Lund Avenue
  Lyell Way
  Mardie Street
  Middleton Place
  Muir Street
  Orchard Avenue
  Orchard Circle
  Park Street
  Pontiac Street
  Poppywood Court
  Ramos Avenue
  Regency Place
  Rosenblatt Street
  Silva Avenue
  Silverthorne Place
  Soto Road
  Southwick Drive
  Speros Court
  Speros Loop
  Sublett Drive
  Sycamore Avenue
  Tarman Avenue
  Tioga Road
  Thomas Ave
  Trayner Street
  Urbano Way
  Victoria Place
  Whitman Street
  West Harder Road
  Wyeth Road

South Hayward Neighborhood Streets

  Auburn Place
  Belvedere Court
  Beryl Place
  Chisholm Court
  Clarkford Street
  Coleman Avenue
  Dumont Avenue
  Forselles Way
  Foster Court
  Gading Court
  Gading Road
  Gamboa Street
  Glad Tidings Way
  Haldane Court
  Harder Road
  Harris Court
  Harris Road
  Hewitt Place
  Huntwood Avenue
  Huntwood Way
  Inglewood Street
  Leidig Court
  Orchard Place
  Manon Avenue
  Newhall Street
  Pardee Court
  Ranker Place
  Schafer Road
  Shenandoah Place
  Shepherd Avenue
  Susan Place
  Sunvalle Court
  Sunview Place

HPN Target Schools

  Harder Elementary
  Park Elementary
  Winton Middle School
  Cesar Chavez Middle School
  Hayward High School
  Tennyson High School

Neighborhood Demographics
(Jackson Triangle)

  11,345 total residents - 3,442 households
  46% of residents are Spanish speakers, while 37% primary language is English
  17.4% of Jackson Triangle residents are living below the poverty level; compared to 15.9% for California
  80% of students enrolled in the six Hayward Promise Neighborhood target schools receive free and reduced lunch
  Jackson Triangle female-headed households: 32%; compared to 19% for California
  Ethnic Diversity:
      Hispanic / Latino: 55%
      African American or Black: 15%
      Asian: 10%
      White: 10%