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Tracking Progress

Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN) believes that in order to successfully improve the lives of children and families, data needs to be woven into our work. Data can be a powerful tool for change and all HPN partners use data to inform those inside and outside of the community of their progress, as well as use the data to improve the work of HPN.

Part of what an organization agrees to when it accepts Promise Neighborhoods funding is that it will report its progress on 15 Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) measures. For example, one of the measures asks, does a child have a medical home, that is, a doctor or some other certified healthcare provider, whom he or she can see on a regular basis? Other indicators focus on early childhood development and academic standards. Essentially, the 15 GPRA’s are how we measure our success. All Hayward Promise Neighborhood programs must be targeted to meet one of GPRA’s.

2019 GPRA's will be posted in January 2019.