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Community Surveyor for the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods

Purpose: The Hayward Promise Neighborhoods (HPN) is a project being led by Cal State University East Bay that includes a number of community service partners. Together we are working to improve the academic success of children and their families in South Hayward. A Department of Education grant is funding this work and helping families with children who live in a high-needs area of South Hayward, bounded by Harder Road in the north, Huntwood Avenue in the East, Tennyson Road in the south, and Underwood Avenue and Tyrrell Avenue in the west.

As part of our learning effort, we will be surveying areas of South Hayward neighborhood September 29th through October 21st. We are looking for temporary surveyors who will attend survey trainings on Friday, September 28th AND Saturday, September 29th (10am-5pm) and who will administer the survey door-to-door over this three-week period for up to 40 hours a week. Weekday and weekend shifts are available. This is a paid position and surveyors will be hired and managed through Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates.

Job Description:

Surveyors will participate in a two day paid training. The survey will be administered in teams of two over 15 days (7 hours per day).

Survey managers will be in the field and available by cell phone or in person to manage any questions or problems that come up. Teams of surveyors are asked to carry their own cell phones with them in case of an emergency.

Important tasks of community surveyors include:

  Attending the mandatory two-day training on Friday, September 28th AND Saturday, September 29th (10am-5 pm)
  These are paid trainings covering the basics of administering surveys and allowing surveyors to become familiar with the Hayward Promise Neighborhood program, the survey form, and to practice with a partner before going into the field.
  Assembling daily at the designated site in South Hayward with other survey teams to be assigned to the addresses for the day and to receive your survey materials for the day.
  Spending up to seven hours per day walking to addresses in South Hayward with a partner. All addresses will be on the list given to each survey team during the morning assemblies.
  Knocking on doors and recording whether or not someone answers and, if they do answer, determining whether they are able or willing to take the survey.
  Administering the survey when residents agree to participate.
  Leaving HPN program materials at the home whether someone responds or not.
  Returning completed surveys and recording homes visited at the end of the day.
  Staying in contact with survey field manager for security purposes and in case questions or concerns arise.
  Being polite and a good representative of the Hayward Promise Neighborhood.

What Qualities/Skills we are Seeking for Community Surveyor Positions:

  Good communication skills and comfort talking to people.
  Good organizational skills.
  Ability to work with some independence.
  Must be able to read, write and speak English. A second language (Spanish, Vietnamese) is very desirable. Reading and writing skills should be strong enough to collect and record information correctly on a form and to write down which houses visited and the time of each visit.
  Must be able to attend and complete a 14 hour paid training.
  Must have transportation to get to and from the South Hayward neighborhood.
  Familiarity with South Hayward and surrounding neighborhoods is highly desirable.
  Must be able to talk with families in a respectful and professional way.
  Must be 18 years or older.

About the Position:

  This is a temporary position with Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates. Temporary employees will not be eligible for benefits. Surveyors will get up to 8 paid hours of required training.
  Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates has their offices in Berkeley, but this position will be reporting to work at a survey site in Hayward.
  Surveyors will work a 7 hour per day with a paid 30-minute lunch and 15-minute break.
  Surveyors will be paid $18/hour for each hour worked.
  Beginning and ending times for the survey may be flexible with teams going out in the morning some days and afternoons other days.
  Also the number of days and days of the week that you work can be flexible.
  Weekend only positions are also available for those not available on weekdays.
  Surveyors will be paid based on hours worked.

To be considered for this position please complete the job application at:

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible for full consideration. Applications for this job will not be accepted after Tuesday, September 25th by 5pm.

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